Do you struggle to manage your life? Do you feel anxiety or worry about getting everything right but it doesn't feel right? Imagine if you felt more ease and you didn't feel burdened by life's obligations. I understand because I've been there. I've been at the lowest bottom and top of my game but none of the outside stuff matters if our insides are in knots. It's a struggle to overcome shame, trauma, anxiety and unworthiness − we try all sorts of ways to over-ride the feelings − things like underachieving, avoiding feelings by staying busy, performing to gain approval of others, trying really hard so we feel good about ourselves but nothing is sustainable. Nothing feels good enough! There may be an underlying sense of emptiness and we may think "I should be happy, what's wrong with me?" NOTHING is wrong with you. You are normal − we all have a history that formed how we think, feel and act. It takes courage to look inside and release what's blocking our connection to freedom. But there comes a time when we are ready because the pain of living the same outweighs the fear of doing the work. If that time has come for you - Congratulations- you've been given the gift of willingness.

Most people have unconscious processes running their life − the thing about the unconscious is we don't know about it. We keep trying to work with our current problems but it's deeper than that--we are motivated by hidden drivers. Therapy is about discovery! It's about being courageously curious about what lies under the surface and the beliefs motivating our thoughts, feelings and behavior. Are you ready to try something new? You have all the answers inside of you and may need someone to help you navigate this inward journey. I am highly trained and have worked with a variety of people in my career. However, my most valuable asset is doing my own work and knowing who I am. I AM a wounded healer and feel connected spiritually by my own willingness to surrender. We can walk this healing path together. We will listen to what your body has to say, and together, encourage whatever is not useful to release and resolve, which will lead you to feel more strength, stability and vitality in your life.